Thursday, September 5, 2013

Artists Unite… and Tear Each Other Apart = part 1

Artists Unite… and Tear Each Other Apart = part 1

I love the Uitmarkt in Amsterdam. It’s Free Preview Weekend to kick off the theater season… and a chance for artists to elbow each other. 

I performed at Sugar Factory and brought flyers for my 3 different projects. A new record! But I also had the audacity to hand out flyers in public. At the festival. Where people go around collecting flyers. I was quickly reminded by Uitmarkt staff that this was not allowed. I asked why? Apparently my flyers were not allowed in that specific area (the high-budget productions).

Luckliy, there was also the Uitmarkt Book Festival, and I also had flyers for my book. Here, I was also told flyering was not allowed. This year for the first time, the Uitmarkt Book Festival is merging with Manuscripta – the annual festival to open the literary season. Publishers taking part in Manuscripta pay to get in. So I was basically mooching. I felt bad, since the current theme in Dutch publishing is crisis & cutbacks. I did take a moment to shout out loud – ‘Of course you’re not selling anything – YOU’RE PUBLISHING IN DUTCH!’ Other than being the 37th biggest language in the world, it’s just awful to listen to. I love the Dutch people – they’re the ones who legalized euthanasia. So why not let the Dutch language die already?

Meanwhile, the AmsterdamFringe is back in town, and there’s plenty of English / LNP (Language No Problem). Kickoff is tonight – see you there.

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